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"Glad you liked. Who's your favorite super hero."

Never heard of him. I'm not sure. The lifetime medical benefits for me amp; my not MediCare eligible dependents (Im too young for SSI amp; Medicare myself for a while yet) is the primary reason I stayed in that job.

he gets his fat hairy ass licked & smelled before getting fucked

he gets his fat hairy ass licked & smelled before getting fucked

She's going to contact her lawyer anyway BS She's looking for an easy payday. 'i can't do that to myself' LOL That was wonderful. It's Assailt aggregate effects of these small things that is debated. Ah ha. If a biker chick fucked wants to love another sock who think its a glove then who are we to judge.

Women dont need patronizing sermons about their choices. Exactly. It is Good Morning folks.

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Assault her teen ass
Assault her teen ass
Assault her teen ass

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Keshicage 3 months ago
Link to original intent and quotes from founders:
Jutilar 3 months ago
Arazil 3 months ago
That's wise. Without face to face contact, arguing online can create a much bigger emotional reaction than the same things said face to face. The reasons behind our over-reactions are interesting, and have to do with the fact when we are upset and arguing with someone, we're sending the other person many queues (body language) that we are friends, but those queues are absent online.
Digar 3 months ago
She had a good sense of humor too.
Voodoonos 3 months ago
No, I said postcard
Tudal 2 months ago
Faelar 2 months ago
Doukazahn 2 months ago
LOLOL right?! Please double check this guy's sample. Someone.
Kazragor 2 months ago
Oh my
Akirg 1 month ago
He hated jews.
Akinos 1 month ago
Rendering your own brain Nonfunctional doesn't help that. ;)
Nalar 1 month ago
Gurr 1 month ago
He was probably passed out (or close to it).
Kegore 1 month ago
Very true
Mezirn 3 weeks ago
longer than monogatari?
Nishakar 2 weeks ago
Breaking bad has an anime?
Kagarn 1 week ago
Mabei 6 days ago
U meking mi bloosh. '///')
Kizilkree 2 days ago
Most banks now have their employees now as salesmen. They get a comission on what service they sign you up for. Another reason I am glad I am retired