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Real intoxicating russian girl - Part 1

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"I hope disabled vets get the raise too"

Because he's a billionaire. do you think she would be willing to vote for Daniel Larusso in this week's cockbag vote.

Not Anal Virgin Anymore

They have a game coming up and a job not yet done, I'm sure plenty of congratulations will be forth-coming after the "result". A new hotel and a new tax haven. I'm gonna go with "awesome sauce.

I'm always surprised to hear that someone who watches the TV news isn't a geriatric patient. Only a fool would look to a politician or government as an arbiter of morality. you did a favor by already putting swordsman fighting, and dagger fights etc, as well as Giro is also pure sword fight.

Hmm. Girll women who support these groups, should go live in places of the world, like Saudi Arabia. the definition of a phobia.

Both are not related here though. (Autocorrect just saved me there, btw, I will not say why). Gladly, I've received exclusively favorable feedback on it.

Probably better if I just let Babou tell you herself what she said. :) unfortunatly no one can do it even a coalition of USA ,Russia,UK,France and Germany.

But considering its so good i am sure it would make a great horror movie Youre inside the mind and subconscious of a hateful and mentally sick person.

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Meztigal 6 months ago
Thanks, Clint.....:)
Kagazahn 6 months ago
That's funny. Even God doesn't want them. ; -)))
Jukora 6 months ago
I want an isekai gambling Anime
Gardajin 5 months ago
niice, I had one and they stole it
Kagaran 5 months ago
citation prise dans un commentaire d'Arend . Merci !
Gardashura 5 months ago
Yoramar 5 months ago
Damn Kellyanne on with CC, getting killed as usual.
Voshakar 5 months ago
Do not look for salvation in doubt.
Voodoorn 5 months ago
._. welp thx for your point of view DT
Daishakar 5 months ago
i'm makin that one....... i'll just add maple extract.....
Arashizuru 5 months ago
Fegrel 5 months ago
Mind you the Protestant churches enjoyed a roasted catholic.
Zolobar 4 months ago
LOL !!!
Samukinos 4 months ago
What are you waiting for man?
Kemi 4 months ago
it just sucks .
Gardar 4 months ago
Noo i wanna get in
Shakalkis 4 months ago
Negative yes
Groll 4 months ago
Hmmm. I am easily a target.
Mikam 4 months ago
Yeah, she knows what she's doing hopefully.
Dozshura 3 months ago
Zolojinn 3 months ago
you are such a good mod :)
Vizuru 3 months ago
Thanks Pup!
Fenrigrel 2 months ago
What a guy