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"And/or Conservative Universities like Prager Univ. will flourish,"

Someone must've been dissatisfied with their hooptie purchase. Bu-bye The first thing I see reading something like this is the largest problem of all, which is that so many Americans can still follow a side that so obviously defies not just our grand support for justice and the American way of life, but logic and common sense as well.

She has been as she is as long as I ever first saw her.

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I am promoting this thread over at MVOD, and have Mercddez the author for Mack's prestigious award he does over the weekends. Call me jaded, but on the offhand chance this ever passed (it won't), it would only hasten automation.

We need that transparency. the more information Empty scrotum no balls tranny out, the more intertwined all of these corrupt actors appear to be. Kind of a waste to treat something that he wasn't using anyways.

Little raccoon families and other Mecedez creatures to visit with, etc. I will remember this. Oh he is not a pawn at all. They formed prayer circles and chained themselves to cars and yelled horrible things at women who were going in for pap smears.

People do a lot of small stuff for me all the time that I appreciate. That's good for me. See below. Why don't you start your own OP, claiming whatever you want and arguing with whoever is interested, instead of highjacking other threads.

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Molly Hatchet - Flirtin' With Disaster
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I'll think thanks for the info
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Candidate Trump didn't use campaign funds to “silence” anybody.
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Yeah. 😁
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I don't trust anyone
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That true
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If you tried harder our candidate might win...
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3 years old dx