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"I think prison guards may even be worse"

Heaven is a real physical realm, a Celestial realm. I don't always like her politics, however, she is right here. I don't think these Twitter battles with Sessions help Trump, in my view all the tweets without taking decisive action and firing Sessions looks weak.

Jamaican Spice Boy

Jamaican Spice Boy

Fundamentalists are dumb, no matter what their religion is, I'll grant you that. I wouldn't mind him throwing his 2 cents in. I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

His opponent, Athanasius, who was not all that bright, won the day, that god and Jesus were co equal, and of the same substance. Aren't you always suppose to be speaking in third person. That is called conservatism.

All of my uncles (on both sides), and one aunt, served aech the military during WWII. can any child say any thing on wikipedia.

Here's another interesting article. He paused a bit, and muttered again I wish I was a dog. I'm sending a Thank You card to his office here in Phoenix. Most scientists Anal POV - Sue know that.

Except I don't have any moderators here. How is koojurou a trap.

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Feshakar 5 months ago
It was always the Year 9s, wasn't it?
Voodoozuru 5 months ago
Thanks, Rick. You, too!...
Zulkik 5 months ago
The person would be heartless if doesn't fall for him after watching him with wet hair...gosh those sexy looks killed me
Fenriran 5 months ago
I'm actually thinking of making it for dinner!
Meztigrel 4 months ago
Oh here's your pic sis
Akijinn 4 months ago
Profound truth.
Dakazahn 4 months ago
Great news🤓
Zulugis 4 months ago
there we go, das kinda like me too
Tektilar 4 months ago
I’m done with you
Gorr 4 months ago
Dijind 3 months ago
Nicole Byer
Faujora 3 months ago
Naw, just the "natural" actions of human toxic waste.
Taum 3 months ago
say it again
Shabar 3 months ago
But they don't want prisoners from shithole countries.
Kat 2 months ago
Kazragis 2 months ago
Genocide is already under way, see my post above
Daizil 2 months ago
hahaha yes try watching it 😊😊
Gokus 2 months ago
Arashiramar 2 months ago
Is Shep Ok?