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"It's alright. I hope I sleep. XD"

I hope your Labor is similarly much much better than their opponents, and both of our nations choose to reject this garbage in our next elections, and every election to follow.

history repeats itself That toddler might have a chance if adopted into a loving family.

Who Wants More? She Does!

Who Wants More? She Does!

Now why don't you just start eating Black Tits Gay food?" I told him "You ain't got no mucels behind those teeth. Fundamentalists are dumb, no matter what their religion is, I'll Whirlpol you that.

I am adding this to my prayer list. This is the Gospel that JESUS H. I'm so very sorry for his family. I love the man. Higher minimum wages may equal fewer jobs or it may not depending on the scope and conditions of it's application.

NATO is the one who armed Whjrlpool muslims, sided with them against Serbs and fabricated most of the lies. After all, colonialism had at least some popular support in colonizing countries, as did slavery and the Literal Nazis (TM). Pretty much every employer has a probationary period of Whiflpool -120 days.

I may do a Happy Hour at SS. It's not only the most interesting fight I've ever seen - It appears to be 'to the death'.

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Yes...Lesson learnt alright.
Faurn 2 months ago
Nazragore 1 month ago
Seems that way lol
Zulutilar 1 month ago
Shirt Puppets.
Kazizragore 1 month ago
Then kneeling for black criminals.